My Girl – portraits of a 6 year old girl

This is the time of year where we get a couple of ‘warm’ days (warm for Canadians that is, +12 degrees celsius is practically sandal weather here!) and it gets me thinking of spring, and all things green and sunny!  Really, we probably have a few more good snow storms left before spring truly arrives, but in honour of the lovely weather we have been having I wanted to post some special portraits I shot of Mia this past summer.

In the midst of wedding season last year, I needed to shoot something just for fun.  To not have any pressure of getting enough shots, or trying to work in tricky lighting situations. I wanted to shoot in the pretty lighting of sunset, take my time, and do it all just for fun.  I knew that my sweet daughter Mia would be the perfect little subject for this endeavor.  I decided last minute I wanted to do this, so we quickly grabbed a dress my sister had given to her for her birthday, brushed out her long hair, threw a bow in it, and piled in the car.  The boys came too, and explored the park, while we had fun shooting.  I may have needed to bribe her a touch with some tiny treats 😉 but it was well worth it to capture this age and time in her life.  They grow so quickly, and even as I was looking at these photos while putting this post together today, I see how much she has already changed 6 months later!  For instance, she has her two front teeth fully in now 🙂  Looking at these pictures makes me thankful in so many ways…

I am thankful for my girl, who is sassy but so sweet. Who is shy and quiet until she get’s to know you, and then you get to see how funny and special she is.  Who is always saying ‘I love you’ and giving hugs all throughout the day.  Who is a picky eater, but yet loves to spend time with me in the kitchen cooking and baking. Who loves art, ballet dancing and animals and trying to keep up with her brothers.  Who stays up far too late singing and talking to her dolls in her room, and most of all who has a heart of pure gold.  I can’t believe she is turning 7 next month!  I hope she will enjoy looking back on these pictures one day, I know I sure will.

















  • Tricia - March 15, 2016 - 7:38 pm

    Wow is she ever gorgeous. What a great idea of capturing pictures of her. My daughter is also a picky eater too, lol 🙂

  • Kristine Parenteau - March 16, 2016 - 7:00 pm

    First of all my Mia girl is soooooo pretty and feminine. And second of all
    Shelley I couldn’t be prouder of you! You are amazing. The shots you get are pure gold!! Xo

  • Dianne - May 6, 2016 - 1:17 pm

    I love these pictures of Mia
    And I love your vlog channel 🙂

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San Fran and Yosemite Anniversary Trip!

This past spring my husband Chris and I had the amazing privilege of taking a trip together for our 10th anniversary!  We had been talking about this trip for years, and trying to think of what we would want to do on a week long, ‘kidless’ trip.  I kept mentioning California, as I had always wanted to go, and Chris who has travelled a lot more then me, hadn’t been yet either.  We decided on half a week in San Francisco and the other half in the National Park Yosemite for a bit of both city and country.  I wanted a trip where we could explore and be adventurous and so these two places in Cali seemed right up that avenue.  We booked the plane tickets, and car rental on points (yeah for saving points!) my parents graciously came and stayed at our house with the kids for a week, and we were good to go!  I have been wanting to put together a blog of this trip for quite some time, and I am excited to share this with you and to have this all together in one place to look back on one day. (the images in this post are a mixture of iphone shots, and my ‘big’ camera shots)

We flew out of Pearson International on a saturday into SFO.  Flying is not my favourite thing, so being on a plane for nearly 7 hours (we got stuck on the tarmac for a while) felt quite long to me, but it was well worth it for a trip out west!  When we first arrived after getting through the airport and grabbing our rental we found a bite to eat (they don’t offer you any food even on a 6.5 hour flight lol!) and then it was off to find our little apartment in the heart of San Fran.  We had looked at hotels, but we were recommended to the website Air BNB multiple times and it turned out to the perfect choice for our trip.  Air BNB is a service where you can choose from various homes, condos and apartments around the world that people rent out to travellers.  We chose a little apartment a mere three minute drive from the Golden Gate Bridge, and it was so great!  We could walk to the local grocery store, make breakfasts and lunches so we didn’t have to eat out so much, and it just feels so much cozier to be in an actual home then a hotel. I really felt like I lived in San Fran for those 4 days we stayed there, Thanks May (the owner of our rental) your apartment made our stay so cozy and comfortable!  After getting settled in the first thing we did was go straight to the Golden Gate bridge.  Due to growing up watching Full House I knew all about this bridge and thought it was super neat, but nothing compares to seeing it in person.  Hubby agreed that it was MUCH more grand and amazing when you are right there staring at it.  The bridge is such a vibrant rusty red, the water is blue, there is fog in the air, and there are also a million other tourists who want to see it too 🙂 but it was such a nice way to start our trip to go see it right away.  After a nice walk we grabbed some essentials for dinner and breakfast at the little grocery store down the street, and that was day 1!


Day 2 we set out to see the Golden Gate bridge from the other side of the bridge.  This turned out to be a much less touristy place to see it.  I am not sure if it was because it was morning and cold and foggy, but we were one of the only people there, so there was ample opportunity to linger and enjoy it and of course take lot’s of pics.  We didn’t anticipate how cold it would be in San Fran, but later learned that it is very common for it to be foggy and brisk in the morning and to clear in the afternoon and we definitely found this to be true.  although it’s so cliche, the bridge definitely was both of our favourite parts of seeing the city.  We even took a video of us driving over it, and how long it took to drive over it ect. so fun!  I will also admit that we looked up documentaries on how it was built too, haha.  We did some more city exploring and window shopping that day as well.  We discovered that people who live in San Francisco are very healthy and active, everyone was biking and jogging, and walking everywhere.  You could totally tell the locals from the tourists!


Day 3 I was the best wife ever and we left the apartment at 5 am to go stand in line to get tickets to Alcatraz.  We didn’t do our Alcatraz homework before our trip, just figuring we could go over and see it whenever, but it turns out it is probably the most popular tourist thing to do in San Fran and they were completely booked our entire stay!  Luckily my web savvy hubby found out that there is a secret ticket line if you line up before 6 am where they give out ‘around’ the last 30 tickets of the day.  It was kind of funny waiting in that line and counting how many people were before us and wondering if we would get a spot on the boat.  It ended up being worth the wait and we were both excited to get tickets to go over that morning.  Alcatraz can be seen from all over San Fran, it seemed that any street we were on, we could look down towards the water and see it there, smack in the middle of the bay.  We rode a ferry over, and then took an audio tour (hence the headphones you see in the photos below) Alcatraz in general was quite neat and historical, it wasn’t nearly as ‘scary’ as I thought an old maximum security prison would be (yes I was secretly hoping it would be a bit scary)  You can see in the photos it was actually quite bright and they even had a big outdoor exercise area for the prisoners. I am glad we got up early to stand in that crazy line, because it was definitely a quintessential tour to take while in San Fran.  We overheard while waiting in line that the ‘night’ tour was even more epic, so if you are planning a trip to San Fran, go online way ahead of time and book your Alcatraz tickets early!


That evening after dinner we went to take some night shots at the Golden Gate bridge. It was really cool to see it lit up in the dark, and the exact spot that had been filled with hundreds of people earlier in the day was now completely empty.  It felt like we were the only ones there walking by the bridge at night.  Mind you it was freezing, but we had to get those night shots 🙂 it was the photographer in me, and  I am so glad we did it!


The fourth day we did some more exploring around the city, and yes we HAD to go see the ‘Full House, House’!  I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that it was painted differently (no red door!) and had a tree growing in front of it, haha. Though I don’t blame the poor people that live there, having tourists constantly come up and stare at your house and take pictures in front of it. We were good and stayed in the car and just took pics from the other side of the street. But to me this was also an essential part of visiting San Fran 🙂


In the full spirit of Full House we also went to see the ‘Painted Ladies’ that day.  This is the row of beautifully painted and colourful houses you see in the beginning credits of the program. And yes seeing it made me want to have a picnic wit DJ, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Rebecca 🙂  It was quite busy there as well, but we managed to still grab some good shots, and even sat on the grass for a while just taking it all in.  Those houses were meticulously painted, and I have never seen so many people taking selfies in one place until that day lol!


We had a lovely dinner that night on the pier and checked out the famous Pier 39 seals that hang out on these floating docks all day.  Though smelly, Fisherman’s Warf and the Pier was a great place to explore.  With street performers at every turn, any souvenir you could ever want and lots’ of unhealthy yet delicious food (ie: cinnamon sugar covered donuts), it is also a must see while in San Fran.  We also made stops along the way to see the cable cars and the famous winding Lombard street, which were also on my list of ‘must see’s’.  We didn’t end up riding on a cable car because well, they were so much fun to just watch going up these tiny and steep streets that we got our fix by just seeing other people enjoy it!


The next day we decided to get out of the city for the day and took a long ride along the Pacific Coast Highway and ended up in Santa Cruz.  I think this was the warmest day of our trip, and you can see we were still wearing jackets, but it was so nice to see some beaches, have a patio lunch by the ocean and walk around just looking at everything.  We used the ‘yelp’ app the entire trip for choosing places to eat, and I have to say it never failed us!  This cute little sandwich place in Santa Cruz had high reviews and it did not disappoint.  Santa Cruz could seem ‘cheesy’ to some, but I thought it was a cute place to check out and spend a few hours for sure.


The whole drive along the coast looks pretty much like these pictures below.  Gorgeous seascapes, sea gulls squawking, sandy beaches as far as the eye could see, cliffs of jagged rock, huge splashing waves and winding roads right along all of it!  I would definitely recommend taking this drive if you are planning a trip out west, it also felt very quintessential 🙂 I feel I am using that word a bit too much, but it’s true!


On Wednesday morning we set out for our trip to Yosemite National park!  We had planned that this drive would take about 4 hours, but it ended up taking more like 7, we stopped once to get some warm clothes at REI (the American version of MEC) as it turned out there was a cold snap going through Yosemite the days we would be there, and we stopped a second time to grab a quick bite to eat.  The drive is pretty barren, but it felt like no big deal with just the two of us in the car for that long, no hungry kids to pass snacks to, or whine about how long we were in the car for 😉 I love going on family trips and I LOVE my kids, but it was definitely easier to travel around with just the two of us.


Before even going to to our lodge we went straight into the park to check out the Redwoods.  After all the driving, the fresh mountain air, and the hike around the trees was just what we needed.  The giant Redwood trees are exactly like you would imagine, GIANT!  We took a nice long leisurely hike along the trails that go in and around the biggest trees in the park, and of course stopped for a TON of tree huggin’ pictures.


After experiencing the Redwoods, we went to check out our Lodge for the next few days.  There aren’t many hotels in Yosemite, so we stayed in one just outside the park called Tenaya Lodge.  It was more of a resort then a hotel, and it was so cozy, clean and amazing!  They had bon fire’s burning just outside our room at night that we could go sit around, which was I think my favourite part, but besides the bon fires, there was a very rustic feel to the whole place, the food was great, and there was even live music some evenings, which Chris really liked.  Thumbs up for Tenaya lodge, it was pricey but an amazing place to stay for a few nights while visiting Yosemite.


The next morning first thing we began the drive into Yosemite valley.  Just to prepare you it is the most winding, up and down, go in circles drive you will probably ever do. But to get into the main area of Yosemite everyone has to do it!  If you get carsick, take a gravol before that 40 minute drive into the park 😉  Since the weather was not on our side, we decided to go straight up to Glacier point the moment we arrived.  I am so glad we did this, because the 20 minutes of visibility we had there were the only that we would have to catch a glimpse of Half Dome.  After those 20 minutes the thick clouds and rain rolled in, and we weren’t able to see half dome again for the rest of our stay.  Glacier point is an amazing spot to get a supreme view of Half Dome, many of the falls, and mountains as far as the eye can see. We went picture happy!  You can hike or drive up to glacier point.  We wanted to do the hike, but it was not advised to take that trail with the bad weather, and if we hadn’t driven up we never would have seen half dome in all it’s glory!


People actually hike right to the top of half dome, which seemed amazing until I read up on it 😉 it takes lot’s of training to be able to do a 12+  hour hike in the high altitudes, and May the month we went is not a good time to do it because of possible snow.  There is a half dome lottery, so that only a certain amount of people are allowed to go up on any given day.  This is to ensure safety on the narrow paths, and using the cables to go up the side of half dome, there have been many accidents when too many people are hiking at once. If you search on Youtube ‘half dome hike‘,  tons of stuff will come up, and it looks epic!  Maybe one day…I was just happy to have seen it, it was so big and grand and unlike anything I had ever seen.  All I could think of was how amazing our God is to create such beautiful scenery for us to enjoy!

It was quite stormy that day, so we drove down further into Yosemite valley to check out Tunnel View during a little break in the rain.  This is a famous spot where you can usually see Half Dome, El Capitain, and Bridalveil Falls all at once.  Even with the clouds covering most of the view that day it was STILL amazing!  I had to search on Google what it really looked like, but it was fun to see most of it in person, and someone even offered to take a photo of both of us, which was nice.  Going to Yosemite in the spring can be iffy with the weather, as you never know if it will be cold, hot, wet, snowing but the one big perk of going in the spring is that all of the water falls are at full capacity, which makes them all the more amazing to see.  Going later into the summer, they are usually dried up.



On our adventures around Yosemite that day we walked to Lower Yosemite falls, and on the way back noticed a whole bunch of cars pulled over to the side of the road, at first we thought there was an accident or a flood in the roads due to the rain, but it turned out everyone was looking at two baby bears about 100 feet up in a tree!  You better believe we pulled over and got out to join onlookers and take photos.  Check out below and you can see the two baby bears just walking along tree branches without a care.  Mama bear was around too, and I personally think many of the people were getting too close to her, I felt she needed to have some space!  There was no shortage of breathtaking views, animals, beautiful trees for miles and did I mention the views?  We both reallllly loved Yosemite!


Our last day in Yosemite we knew that rain or shine we needed to get in a good long hike.  We wanted to push ourselves a bit and do something tougher.  Come on, if all those people can hike up to half dome, surely we can hike up to one of the falls on the way up to half dome…right? 🙂 After some research we decided that the “Mist Trail” was calling our names.  We started out strong along the narrow and steep path up to see the Vernal Fall, and quickly realized that at the higher altitudes it was going to be tough!  We made it to the half way point, got hydrated and then kept on.  The further we went up to the falls, the less people were attempting it.  By the time we got to the last leg, which is tiny rock steps with a rickety rail to the very top of Vernal fall, we were the only ones.  It was SO satisfying to make it to our destination, we sat on a smooth rock listening to the rush of the falls, ate a sandwich that we had brought, and just smiled.  We were soaking wet, cold, yet sweaty, and so happy!  I love that feeling of pushing yourself to do something and then accomplishing it.  We hung out at the top of the falls for about 45 minutes, took some photos and video, then….we had to go back down the exact way we came up.  Our legs were wobbly by the time we finished but I know it was both of our favourite memory from the trip, and I can’t wait to do it again one day!  If you ever have the chance to hike the mist trail prepare to get wet (hence the name of the trail!) a thin water proof coat, shoes with good grip to climb the slippery rocks, and water and snacks for your rest at the top. Take your time, and don’t rush, stop to look around, and of course take lot’s of photos and video too!


Being in Yosemite for a few days was so amazing.  Looking back I wish we had one more day to do another good hike, but it just gives us an excuse to go back one day.  It was so hard to leave, as I had never seen a place as beautiful as Yosemite, and I truly could have lived there.  Nana and Papa could have flown the kids out and we could build a little log cabin and stay forever 🙂 I wish!  I highly recommending going to Yosemite National Park if you are even remotely near the area in California, bring your camera, your hiking shoes, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

On saturday we began our long drive back into San Francisco, to spend the afternoon, and our last night in the city.  We went to see Golden Gate again of course, but from a different vantage point this time, that way we would have seen it from pretty much every angle.  It was super sunny and windy, and the sound of the crashing waves was making it harder to know we were leaving the next morning.  By the time our trip was over we were so excited to get back to our kids, and had such a refreshing and adventurous time away, just as I had hoped.  I love trips where you can make your own schedule and explore, I guess laying on a beach is fun for a day, but I personally love a trip with lot’s of walking and adventure.  I am so thankful we were able to experience California together, and as we soon approach 11 years of being married now, I am so grateful for my hubby, I love him so much and he is my perfect travel buddy.  We don’t have anything planned yet, but I can’t wait until our next trip!


Last but not least, we took a bunch of random video clips on our iphones as well as on a Go Pro, so Chris put them together in this video completion below so we could have it for the memory books 🙂 feel free to view and enjoy for some California beauty!

  • Lauren - January 8, 2016 - 10:42 pm

    Yay! Great pics, this takes me back 11 years 😀 We did many of the same things! Including the secret ticket line for Alcatraz, haha.

  • jenn | hello inspira - February 1, 2016 - 4:25 pm

    Thank you for sharing, Shelley! I can’t wait to take this trip with Kevin sometime this year! Love all the pictures, you guys look cute together and I would never be able to tell you’re celebrating 10 year anniversary! It could be your honeymoon! xo! miss you!

  • R hill - May 16, 2016 - 8:07 am

    Looks like a great trip!

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New year, New-born’s! York and Durham Region Newborn Photography

Happy New Year!  As we welcome 2016 I am looking forward to picking up blogging again this coming year.  I know, I know…I’ve said it before, but it really is a personal goal of mine to blog more consistently and what better way to start then by sharing a sweet newborn I had the privilege of shooting a few months back.  I shared on Instagram today that I am going to be taking on Newborn, Family and Lifestyle photography again in 2016!  Shooting weddings the past several years has been amazing, and taught me so much, and I will still continue to book weddings here and there.  I am excited now to get back to my roots and spend more time shooting babies and families, which is where my love for photography started over 8 years ago.  If you are in York OR Durham region and interested in newborn or family photography I would love to hear from you!  I strive to provide, classic, simple and timeless photos that showcase your families personality, love and even silliness.

Check out this relaxed and beautiful newborn lifestyle session below.  A lifestyle session is where I capture your new baby just as they are.  No intense poses or props, but simple and classic shots of the things you are doing with your newborn in those first precious days, and all their sweet details, such as the fuzzy hair, peach skin, and tiny feet of course.  This sweet baby girl was the first daughter of a couple whose wedding I had shot only 1 year prior!  It’s such a blessing to come back and work with couples as they grow their families, and I can’t wait to do it more often!


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Tips for a rainy wedding day

When a couple is planning out their wedding, one of the things they are  hoping for is that perfect weather day.  Not too hot, not too cold, and preferably dry.  But though we hope and pray, some wedding days are inevitably going to be rainy, it’s just how it rolls, and thats ok!  Through my years of shooting, I have shot many rainy wedding days, and though it’s not a bride and groom’s ideal scenario, there can be lot’s of positives to it if we look on the bright side!  Almost all of my couples will ask if I have any ideas or tips for a rainy wedding day, so I thought it would be fun to share some things I’ve have learned along the way!  To help illustrate this post I  wanted to use  one of my sweet past couples who had a very rainy wedding day this summer and came out on top!  Props to Kait and Corey whose positive attitudes helped to make their wet wedding day a simply beautiful one.  And yes we rode in that jeep to our photo location, my 8 year old son was quite jealous!



The first and most obvious tip is the UMBRELLA!  We all know this is a good thing to have around just in case,  but it can be hard to remember that little detail in advance.  Then you wake up to a torrential downpour on your special day, and your wishing you would have thought of it ahead of time.  Having a few large , solid coloured umbrellas is an amazing tool to being able to still get tons of outdoor shots on a rainy day.  I always bring a few with me as well, but a great tip is to have a bunch of umbrellas ready to go in your colour of choice,  leave the tags on and keep your receipt,  then if you don’t have to use them you can return them after the honeymoon!  Usually you don’t have to use them, but if you need to your sooo glad that you have them!  Some of my favorites are a plain clear umbrella, or a solid black one with no logos to give a classic look to the photos.  I’ve had couples use umbrellas in their wedding colours as well, which adds a nice punch of colour to any photo. Umbrellas are your friend, and mine,  because they keep my camera equipment nice and dry so we can still do lot’s of photos outdoors.


If you have a back up indoor photo location that will always put your mind at ease, but I know in the area that I live and shoot in, large, indoor, and well lit photo locations are hard to come by.  So when in doubt, we follow the light!  If the church you just had your reception in has large windows and good light coming in,  I will suggest we grab some shots there where we can stay dry.  Or even the large hallway lined with windows at your reception venue can be a nice spot to get some dry shots as well.  Though you may not have originally thought of having your photos in those locations, when we are creative and looking for good light there are lot’s of unexpected spots we can use to keep you comfortable and out of the wet weather for a bit.


Bride’s, your dress is beautiful and most often white, but wether you have a dry or rainy wedding day your dress will most likely get a bit dirty at the bottom.  It will probably even hold onto a few twigs and bugs too, this is ok, and perfectly normal.  Most of this dirt at the bottom of your dress is quite easy to remove and definitely worth it for some beautiful images!  I like to bring along a few towels with me to place under your feet to protect your shoes and dress if we are doing some stationary posed shots.  The towel can also be used to wipe off a bench to grab some sitting shots.  If we are walking around during our portrait time having a dress that bustles up is very helpful to you, especially if you have a long train!  Many brides bring along an extra pair of shoes or boots (depending on the season) to change into for the outdoor photos, and save the ‘pretty’ shoes for your ceremony and reception.  The bride’s I have worked with that bring boots on a rainy or cold day are always happy they did so!  Usually your dress covers any evidence of boots underneath as well if you don’t want them to show in a picture, but there are so many cute and colourful options out there these days if you are wanting to show of your footwear too.


Wear waterproof mascara and makeup if you can!  Even if your not a crier, the mist or raindrops can cause your makeup to run, so preparing by wearing some waterproof makeup will make it easier to do touch ups later.  Have your maid of honor stash some back up make up in her purse so you can do some quick fix up’s  after coming inside without searching for make-up.  Also if you have hair like me,  (aka. humidity = frizz) then think about doing an up-do for your wedding day instead of keeping your hair down.  You’ll feel better having it off your face and in control so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with frizzy locks.  A bit of hairspray goes a long way in helping to tame your mane 🙂 also, bring along a jacket to wear in between shots as well to help protect your dress and hair and keep you nice and toasty.


If there isn’t any sun on your wedding day, that is ok!  The moody foggy lighting that comes on a rainy day can add to the dramatic effect of your photos, and give them a very special flair.  You also won’t need to worry about your family or wedding party squinting or blinking in the group shots which is always a plus!  You can find cool reflection shots in puddles, and you can even back light the rain drops to make some unique images that you wouldn’t be able to get on a dry day.  A sky of big rolling dark clouds can make for very cool images as well, don’t fret, your images will still be amazing, as long as you keep an open mind, be spontaneous and believe your photographer will do their thing!


If you catch yourself with a rainy wedding day, it’s time to be flexible!  Even if you planned on doing your portraits at 2 pm, it may be pouring rain at that time, but at 3 pm it is mostly dry.  Moving around your schedule a bit to catch the dry moments outside when you can will ensure that you get even more beautiful outdoor images on your special day.  Sometimes it’s hard to be flexible on a day you have planned so meticulously, but going with the flow on a wet wedding day is essential!  Be open to doing photos on a whim at different times where you can squeeze it in, and trust your photographer to find the best lighting and locations.  Your photographer is with you every step of the way, getting wet and dirty too, all because we care about your wedding images, and we want them to be beautiful and special for you no matter what the circumstances and weather are.  We’ve got your back!


Most importantly, enjoy every moment if it’s sunny out or not, soak it all in, embrace everything rain and all and don’t forget that umbrella!

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J & J – Wedding at Summit Golf & Country club

As soon as that chilly winter weather comes and the shooting season slows down, I am always ready and excited to dust off the ole’blog and share some images from the past year with you. I am so grateful to all my clients past and present, whom are always so great to work with, and who refer me to their friends and family. They are beautiful inside and out and they trust me with the task of capturing one of the most important days of their life in pictures. It’s especially fun when I get an e-mail a year or two later from my couples asking if I will photograph their pregnancy and new baby. It’s a lovely cycle, that I am so thankful to be a part of!

This summer and fall, I was able to shoot some really sweet and special couples, and I’d like to share a few of these weddings with you, because cozy winters by the fire are the perfect time to blog.

Today I am going to start with Jessica & Jay. I decided to blog their wedding first because I realized my last post was their engagement session in the spring, so I figured it was a good place to start off!  What a genuine and lovely couple this was! When I met them over the winter to discuss the details of their wedding, I knew we would be a good fit right from the start. Their wedding was held at the Summit Golf and Country Club in Richmond Hill which was a perfect venue. It was a convenient location, and with all the charm and character you could ask for. Jess and Jay had such a sweet family and wedding party, and even though it was a chilly September day, everything felt warm and the sun shone at the perfect time for portraits.  You’ll see from the photos the love that shone through their eyes all day, and I was blessed to be a part of capturing these special times for them. Check out the photos, and don’t forget to leave a comment for the lovely couple!















































  • Lynn Wilson - January 19, 2015 - 9:05 pm

    My gorgeous nieces!! Jay wasn’t looking too shabby either LOL It was a fantastic day. Beautiful! Music was excellent!!
    .. lots of dancing!! The best!! The photography is stunning!! What’s involved in we want to get a copy of a photo? Aunt Lynn and Uncle Mark xoxo

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